Assaying is an analytical procedure in metallurgy employed to qualitatively determine and quantitatively measure the composition of elements present in a given alloy sample.




CGR operates assaying laboratories, primarily catering to the needs of the jewellery trade in India, whose settlements are based on purity analysis. We employ various methods for assay, Starting from the classical Fire Assay to the more sophisticated Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer, Each unique in terms of process durations & accuracy.

Testing method Accuracy
Density measurement Bimetals only
Touchstone ± 4%
Chemical parting (acid test) ±1%
X-ray spectrometry ± 0.5%
Atomic absorption spectrometry ± 0.1%
Fire Assay ± 0.04%
ICP OES ± 0.04%
Spark OES ± 0.02%
Gravimetric Analysis ± 0.2%
Potentiometric  Analysis ± 0.2%

CGR Metalloys operates two NABL accredited assaying facilities, catering to the needs of the trade & our associate CGR Hallmarkers operates hallmarking & assaying facilities in the jewellery manufacturing hubs of Kerala & Tamilnadu.

NABL being an MRA signatory of ILAC, our assay certificates are valid globally and the management systems are at par with the best precious metal testing laboratories in the world.

Assaying as per

IS 1417: 2009 ( Gold jewellery & alloys )

IS 1418: 2007 ( Gold fire assay )

IS 2112 & IS 2113 ( Silver alloys )

IS 17025: 2017 ( Laboratory management )

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