Investing in Precious Metals has now become transparent and hassle Free, CGR Introduces World Class products at Daily International Gold prices, with never before seen transparency.

  • Minted Coins

    Coins have always been a favourite among investors, with unmatched Craftsmanship.CGR offers Coins for Various occasions.

  • Minted Bars

    The best way to invest surely is 24Karat - We offer easy liquidity with transparent & Live market rates. The ideal way to invest in gold.

  • Cast Bars

    Casted bars are stackers favourite, each being cast in induction tunnel
    furnaces. Available at rates that are the best value for money.

  • Minted Lockets

    Lockets are a wonderful way to wear your 24Karat investment, with a wide range of options and themes. There is something for everyone.


All products are dispatched through our trusted secure logistics partner. Additionally, CGR offers complimentary transit insurance for all shipments.

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A crucial element when it comes to owning precious metals. CGR offers a transparent buyback facility, that makes buying and selling precious metals a hassle-free experience.

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