Shipping policy


All orders are shipped by CGR, at its discretion, by our logistics partners. Each package is fully insured and may take on average 1-10 business days to be delivered, this delivery period is purely indicative and not contractual. 
 CGR will always declare the full value of the shipment on any shipment form. There are no exceptions to this rule. Any additional taxes and/or duties by local/central government shall be borne by the customer. 
 Should delivery of the goods from CGR fail for any reasons beyond its control, CGR may cancel the contract, and any payments made will be refunded. Our logistics partner shall attempt to deliver the products with a total of three attempts, if the customer fails to collect the item, the parcel will be returned to CGR and a new request will have to be made, the customer shall pay for any additional 300rs towards re-shipment  

Damaged / Tampered Shipment

The Customer has the obligation to refuse any shipment, which appears to be damaged or tampered with as the shipping insurance ends once signed for and/or delivered. When refused, the package(s) will return to CGR for inspection. Customers must immediately submit a complaint by email to the Customer Service. 
CGR will not be liable for any loss or damage caused if the Customer accepts the parcel despite it being damaged or tampered.  The duty to verify the parcel for any damages or tampering is of the Customer and if the Customer accepts the parcel and later comes to know of any damage or tampering, CGR shall not be liable for any loss or damage to Customer. If such loss is later reported and approved by logistics partner and Insurance Company, the limit of liability shall be restricted to the amount paid by the logistic partner for such loss or damage in transit as per their terms and conditions and the same shall be binding upon the Customer. 
If there is any disruption, the Customer agrees to cooperate with CGR in any investigation or claim process and to take every reasonable action requested of him/her in the process, including filing police reports, etc. Failure to fully cooperate will jeopardise coverage that may be provided to the Customer. Terms of insurance are subject to change from time to time. 

Delay in delivery

Supply and demand problems occasionally occur in our business. From time to time, we have more buyers than sellers. If this should happen, you will be duly intimated and we reserve the right to delay delivery of your Sales Order(s) up to 28 calendar days (from your expected shipping date) to fill your Sales Order. Provided that you have not defaulted in any term of your completed transaction, even if the price were to rise, your price is locked-in. If there is further delay in providing the product, we will refund your original sales price. If a refund is provided or there is any delay in sending your Products, you waive any right to any claim or actual damages of any kind or nature whatsoever.

Transit Insurance

CGR insures all of its shipments while in transit for the sale value of the enclosed product purchased. Transit insurance is available only products ordered directly from "", and not applicable for products sold through other E-commerce retailers or outlets. The shipping insurance ends once the Product has been delivered. Proof of identity would be required to take delivery of the product. You may claim coverage under the insurance policy, provided that you directly receive the package from the Delivery executive 
 Neither we nor our insurance company, accepts (and we specifically disclaim) responsibility if you have left instructions with any carrier or delivery service to leave parcels for you without the need for your signature. Nor do we, nor our insurance company, accept (and we specifically disclaim) responsibility if you have given any carrier or delivery service instructions to leave your package with someone else, such as a security guard, building manager, neighbour, or a drop-off location such as Mail Boxes Etc., In any such case, your package will not be covered for insurance by CGR or our insurance carrier.