The selling of gold has always had dilemmas, the most common of them being: Am I getting full value? Was it weighed properly? Is the gold price realistic?

CGR operates advanced gold purity certification facilities, that are licensed by the BIS and recognised by the Ministry of Finance the Reserve Bank of India, under the GMS. Testing gold using a legally valid method of Fire Assay supplemented by homogenised melting & XRF spectrometry - We help jewellers, banks, NBFC’s, Governments institutions and Private individuals with the precise valuation for the sale of precious metals.


Being a refiner, integrated better in the supply chain allows CGR to offer better value for precious metals, We operate laboratories that are accredited with the BIS and NABL, offering purity analysis with an accuracy of +/- 0.04%. Never again sell gold on Value approximation. Be rest assured you receive true value for every bit of gold that is rightfully yours. 


Our Buyback Rates
  CGR Products Non CGR products
Gold 24K 999 99% of the gold rate 98% of the gold rate
Gold 22K 916 98% of the gold rate 98% of the gold rate
Silver 999 95% of the silver rate Based on Silver content 

100% Transparency - Scientific BIS approved processes

Our Facilities are set up as per BIS protocols & with the customer in mind. Viewing gallery, modern equipment & machinery enables the transparent & quick processing of jewellery articles in your presence.

Coins, Bars, Jewellery, Silver Utensils Accepted

Being a precious metals refinery we are equipped to accept large volumes & a wide variety of precious metal articles. We process them quickly & help in faster cash settlement.

Convert Jewellery to Investment grade BIS hallmarked products

Undergoing exhaustive quality control checks, our products are minted with a zero negative tolerance policy for purity and weight measurements. 100mg / 0.100gm being our smallest offering, ensures you receive your gold in its entirety as BIS Hallmarked gold.

Billed on Job-work Basis 

As per BIS approved rates and charges, offering control and transparency in processes and immeasurable savings to our customers.

Wide Acceptance through Purity Certificate

By opting to valuate gold with CGR, customers obtain their gold back in a tamper-evident security bag, along with its test certificate laser marked on the bar. This allows Banks, Gold loan companies & jewellers to engage with confidence.

Transparent International Pricing

With direct access to the commodities markets, we can offer better prices for your precious metals at Live International Commodity exchange prices.

Ship Precious Metal to Us 

Through armoured & insured logistics, CGR offers secure and safe buyback of precious metals. Enabling customers from across India to buy & sell precious metals from the safety & privacy of their home. Shipping costs vary, from 400rs to 5000rs per lot.



How we do it


PRELIMINARY CHECK - Once presented to us, an initial analysis of purity is done on our advanced ED-XRF Spectrometer for an approximate purity estimate. Allowing our customer to make an informed decision.


MELTING - cleaned off dirt, stones & other impurities, Ornaments are then melted in the presence of the customer in our advanced induction melting furnaces, to make a homogenous alloy bar.


 SAMPLE ANALYSIS - Purity is then ascertained by drawing a representative sample from the melted bar, which is tested under fire assay as per IS 1418: 2009, to determine its gold content.


VALUATION - After obtaining the precise purity and metal composition, The precious metal is valued based on the Live International market price.


FREEDOM TO CHOOSE - Customers may then either choose to sell the gold to us or convert the metal to investment grade BIS Hallmarked Gold or even opt to withdraw the metal along with its purity certificate.



Govt approved charges for testing & melting of gold

Particulars Charges
Preliminary analysis of purity - XRF spectrometer.  Rs.25 / piece
Stone removal charges ( minimum ) Rs.100
Cleaning charges ( minimum ) Rs.100
Melting Charges  
    Up to 300 gm Rs.900 / lot
    Up to 600 gm Rs.1200 / lot
    Up to 1000 gm Rs.2000 / lot
    Every additional 250 gm Rs.500
Fire Assaying Charges ( minimum ) Rs.300
Refining Charges Rs.7 / gram
GST  5%





Why melt jewellery?

Jewellery fabrication is a complex & laborious process, an article of jewellery consists of several components that are soldered together, its purities may vary. By melting in an induction furnace & removing impurities, we create a bar of uniform purity - this is crucial, as it allows us to analyse your precious metal with higher accuracy & determine its true value. Enabling us to offer better rates for every bit of gold that is rightfully yours.

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