With fully imported fire assay laboratory, refining plant and technology. CGR possess the technical capability to refine precious metal scrap of varying purity. During Refining, precious metal bearing alloys are processed with different methods based on their metal content.




Employing sophisticated search and scanning methods to detect and recover precious metals, We help maximise precious metal recovery for our customers and ensure optimum returns.

With an installed combined capacity to process 500Kg / day or 150 tonnes per annum, the feedstock for the refinery includes doré, industrial wastes, jeweller’s scrap, bench sweeps and precious metal articles from the government and financial institutions.



On receiving the metal at the refinery, it is weighed, coded and sent for Homogenisation where it is melted in induction furnaces to make a homogenous alloy, after which samples are drawn. Customers are welcome to witness the melting and sampling of their material, The melting facility is equipped for surveillance & has other amenities that help in recording the transparent processing of your precious metals.


Samples drawn from the homogenised alloy bar, are then sent for assaying to our NABL Accredited laboratory, tested as per IS 1418:2017. Simultaneously, a specimen sample is drawn. If the need arises, it may be verified at other similar accredited laboratories.


We employ various refining methods depending on the precious metal content of the metal received, starting from Inquartation for low-grade alloys, Aqua-regia for alloys bearing 80% gold content & Electrolytic refining for obtaining 999.9% pure gold.


CGR provides serially numbered bullion bars to the jewellery industry and the commodities exchanges in India. Gold & silver bars are cast using automated tunnel furnaces, ensuring our ingots adhere to technical specifications laid out by stringent good delivery standards of the BIS.







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